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PFS (LUX-Lung 7 clinical data)
XOVOLTIB® significantly improved PFS versus gefitinib1

LUX-Lung 7: PFS by independent review (coprimary endpoint)

  • 27% reduction in relative risk of disease progression versus gefitinib (HR=0.73; 95% CI, 0.57–0.95; P=0.017)1
  • Patients were twice as likely to be alive and progression-free at 2 years versus gefitinib1
  • PFS benefit consistent across subgroups, including EGFR mutation type1

ORR (LUX-Lung 7 clinical data)
XOVOLTIB® significantly improved response rates versus gefitinib in patients with both del19 and L858R1

  • Improved ORR and disease control rates versus gefitinib (ORR: 70% vs 56%; P=0.0083)1
  • Longer duration of response versus gefitinib (10.1 vs 8.4 months, respectively)1

ORR=objective response rate; PFS=progression-free survival; TTF=time to treatment failure.

TTF (LUX-Lung 7 clinical data)
Patients remained on treatment with XOVOLTIB® significantly longer than with gefitinib1

LUX-Lung 7: Time to treatment failure (coprimary endpoint)

  • XOVOLTIB® significantly extended TTF versus gefitinib1
  • TTF chosen to reflect real-world clinical practice and treatment guidelines; ~30% of patients continued on treatment with TKIs beyond radiological progression in the absence of clinical deterioration1
  • 27% significant reduction in relative risk of treatment failure versus gefitinib (P=0.0073)1

CI=confidence interval; EGFR=epidermal growth factor receptor; HR=hazard ratio; PFS=progression-free survival.

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