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XOVOLTIB® significantly improved dyspnoea and some pain symptoms compared with pemetrexed/cisplatin1

More patients (≥50%) on XOVOLTIB® experienced clinically meaningful improvements in pre-specified tumour symptoms (dyspnoea, pain and cough)1

XOVOLTIB® delayed time to worsening of clinically relevant symptoms versus pemetrexed/cisplatin1

LUX-Lung 3: Median TTD of symptoms. EORTC QoLQLQ-C30 and QLQ LC-13

  • Compared with chemotherapy, XOVOLTIB® delayed time to deterioration of cough (27 vs 8 months, P=0.006), dyspnoea (10.4 vs 2.9 months, P=0.013) and pain (4.2 vs 3.1 months, P=0.188), respectively2

XOVOLTIB® significantly improved QoL versus pemetrexed/cisplatin1

Global health status and functioning. EORTC QoLQLQ-C30 questionnaire scores longitudinal analysis

  • XOVOLTIB® had significantly better mean QoL scores over time for global health status/QoL, physical role, and cognitive functioning1

CI=confidence interval; EGFR M+=epidermal growth factor receptor mutation positive; EORTC=European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer; QoL=quality of life; TTD=time to deterioration, the time from randomisation to first appearance of a score ≥10 points lower than the baseline score.

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